Environmentalist complained about the impact of “Miner Bow” in Venezuela

In the TV show “To whom it may concern”, led by a local journalist Tony Romero, it was issued an analysis that generated the manifesto from the Blue Environmentalists Foundation, conducted by Gustavo Carrasquel, supporting the complaint of the fellow environmentalist Lenin Cardozo, published on the web http://www.aporrea.com discussed by the Venezuelan journalist Wladimir Villegas.

Venezuelan Enviromental

We make a call” of environmental care to “the Venezuelan government, state institutions, advocacy organizations and especially the Venezuelan environmentalists.” stated Carrasquel.

A call for science, knowledge and popular knowledge, a call for the weather. A call to the national and regional Venezuelan legislators, to demonstrate their concern for the ecocide that can be generated in the south Venezuelan  forests product of deforestation, handling explosives and mercury contamination.

“The environmental impact that may cause the” opencast mining “in our territory can alter the already precarious conditions of our climate. This activity can cause damage to our water and hydroelectric system. A system of fundamental forests for rainy periods is what is at stake. But alterations in biodiversity, ecosystem generate losses that affect endemic species and migratory habitat loss could severely threaten the survival of our indigenous people”, said Gustavo Carrasquel.

This scenario combined with the devastation being done so challenging in our Essequibo territory, by the same companies to which the Venezuelan government has concession to exploit minerals; besides to damage so many of our rivers, could affect climatically in our Amazon territory, Caribbean Sea and the action of the winds to move toward Central America. There is no scientific evidence. It is not a media attack is not a story.

This represents an overall impact that we must stop. There are so many which we can not defend, they need our help. This may jeopardize our survival.

Hence our cry, our call to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), to all international organizations and scientific institutions, and especially our distinguished non-governmental organizations, our brothers, environmental activists, with the support of the media and social networks, to add their efforts to the preservation of the environmental conditions of our planet, to safeguard our environmental heritage, to achieve a global voice, a call of “Climate Action” .

Press Blue Environmentalists Foundation


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