The Red Siskin of Venezuela is disappearing|Video

Several national and international organizations join efforts for the conservation of this species.


About 60 years ago, Venezuela had millions of siskin, a bird of about 15 centimeters, red and black, endemic in Venezuela and printed on the 100 Bolivars bills. Today, there are only 3,000 approximately.

This is an alarming figure that reflects the great danger they currently are. It for this reason that the Venezuelan Conservationist Association (Provita), together with various national and international organizations, have created the “Initiative Red Siskin” in order to protect this species.

This bird has much symbolism for the country as it is present in songs, but because of the bright colors of their plumage has been used for centuries as decoration for hats.


Provita notes that informing people will help the siskin conservation. “The problem is that people do not know that the Red Siskin is in danger and unknown that this bird is practically only in Venezuela”. Ensure that the field measurements they have done, the number of current populations of siskin are 300 to 3000 species in their natural habitat, “a severe figure but reversible.”

This program which began in 2013 and has the support of the Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC), the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), the Bararida Barquisimeto Zoo and  the Pinar Zoo, it aims to reproduce siskin in captivity ; conserve their habitat; work with the State to criminalize trafficking wildlife and try to change the behavior of people against wildlife.

“As a conservation measure we are first trying to understand the Red Siskin. Although it is a very common bird we have little scientific information “explain the conservationists.

The peculiarity of this bird whose scientific name is Sporagra cucullata, is that when it intersects with the canary, the offspring is colored red. Due to the lack of information about this bird it is often confused with the cardinal.

The difference is that the cardinal is a bird that has pompadour and has a black head, also has this peculiarity that intersects with the canary and get red canaries. That is why the persecution against Red Siskin is so significant.

Anyone can collaborate with this initiative to avoid buying or participate in wildlife trafficking or sharing with other people what they know about this bird.

“The Red Siskin initiative counts with a consortium of public, private, national and international institutions seeking to restore sustainable populations of siskin growing wildlife again.

The more people know about the danger of extinction in which is the Red Siskin will be easier to improve the situation”, adds Miguel Arvelo, coordinator of this initiative.

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