2015: The year of environmentalists

Although the years 2010 to 2014 were the climax, the record of the last decade in regard to natural disasters, and alerts us to the future contingencies that we must overcome or defend, to the answers given by both tort nature it has received from mankind, was also the most active year that the United Nations (UN) has been in environmental matters.

Electricity from the sea?

Oceans are not just the source of life. That body of water that occupies 70% of the surface of our planet is also an inexhaustible source of energy that is also clean and does not produces emissions that may increase the greenhouse effect.

Extreme weather forces climate change up the corporate agenda

New survey reveals vast majority of top firms have an executive responsible for climate change at board level. Climate change remains a top priority for senior executives at many of the world’s largest businesses, as growing numbers attempt to develop strategies for managing direct climate change impacts. That is the conclusion of the latest Global…

Venezuela: sow the petroleum or bury the future

While it is visible the increasing reflection and action from environmentalists on the need to pollute less the planet and require clean energy, which really make this the new trends on the use and energy consumption are the developed countries and their industrial platforms and trade. These nations are demonstrating the urgent need to change…

Canadian mining maintain 1,246 projects in Latin America

Canada, a world leader in the mining sector and a strong presence in Latin America, intends to continue expanding in the continent despite the widespread rejection of environmental groups, academics and indigenous communities. By saying the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, “looking to the future, we see the Canadian mining industry to grow in the…