A New, Free E-Book Celebrates Caribbean Waterbirds

BirdsCaribbean found a brilliant way to commemorate this year’s eighth annual Caribbean Waterbird Census (CWC) by releasing a free e-book, “Caribbean Waterbirds,” with stories by six authors who uncover different observations about these birds. The book is available in English, French and Spanish.


The Red Siskin of Venezuela is disappearing|Video

This is an alarming figure that reflects the great danger they currently are. It for this reason that the Venezuelan Conservationist Association (Provita), together with various national and international organizations, have created the “Initiative Red Siskin” in order to protect this species.

Paraguayan forest finally gets protection

Twenty-three years after its creation on paper, part of Paraguay’s San Rafael National Park has finally been afforded some real protection. Guyra Paraguay (BirdLife Partner) has been buying up this land and has now donated the first part of this to the Paraguayan Government.