Bullfighting returns to Colombia amid protests | Video

Hundreds of protesters have clashed with riot police and harassed spectators attending a bullfight in Bogota as the spectacle returned to Colombia’s capital for the first time in four years.


Colombia peace deal will allow scientists to uncover country’s unexplored biodiversity | Video

Scientists studying Colombia’s rich biodiversity are among many celebrating the announcement of a permanent ceasefire between the Colombian government and FARC rebels. After decades of limited access to Colombia’s most biodiverse areas, researchers can finally explore and document the plants, animals and microorganisms that make Colombia the second most biodiverse country in the world.

Rare Primate Sighted in Colombian Reserve

A researcher in Colombia’s Titi Nature Reserve has discovered a new population of the critically endangered Colombian Spider Monkey. During a daytime survey last month, Juliett Gonzalez, a project scientist with ProAves, found 21 individuals, including adults, juveniles and infants.