Nearly 50 thousand people affected by floods in Paraguay

The Paraguayan capital Asuncion has been hit by floods caused by the rising waters in the Paraguay River; more than 48,000 people have been displaced by the disaster, according to the country’s Ministry of National Emergencies.


Brazilian Dams Accused of Aggravating Floods in Bolivia

Environmental organisations are discussing the possibility of filing an international legal complaint against the Jirau and Santo Antônio hydroelectric dams built by Brazil, which they blame for the disaster that has already cost 59 lives in Bolivia and material losses of 111 million dollars this year, according to the Fundación Milenio.

Bolivia under water

Bolivia is suffering from weeks of heavy rains that are causing rivers to swell, homes to flood, and crops to rot. More than 58,000 families have been affected over the past month, according to official counts, with 56 people reported dead.

Isaac Storm causes deaths in Haiti

More than 20 people have died in Haiti in the wake of Tropical Storm Isaac, said the Department of Civil Protection of this Caribbean country. According to news agencies, the figure includes the death of a 10-year-old, victim of the collapse of a wall of her house in the west province. Recent official reports indicate…

The first water plan for the Amazon

The governor of Acre, the Brazilian state on the border with Peru and Bolivia, recently launched the country’s first plan for the conservation of water resources in the Amazon basin which has with the fifth part of the drinking water reserves in the world. The set of measures announced in the city of Rio Branco…