Environmentalist complained about the impact of “Miner Bow” in Venezuela

“The environmental impact that may cause the” opencast mining “in our territory can alter the already precarious conditions of our climate. This activity can cause damage to our water and hydroelectric system. A system of fundamental forests for rainy periods is what is at stake. But alterations in biodiversity, ecosystem generate losses that affect endemic species and migratory habitat loss could severely threaten the survival of our indigenous people”, said Gustavo Carrasquel.


Venezuela: Guayana is polluted

Environmental experts have been warning about the subject for more than 30 years; however, the most recent scientific research shows that the toxic effects have been spreading along with the growing illegal mines in the Southern part of the country.

Mexico Tearing Its Hair Out Over Mercury

The Coatzacoalcos river basin in southern Mexico is so polluted that you can sense the mercury in the air, feel it and breathe it, and the population living in the area is only too aware of its undesirable neighbours: refineries and petrochemical complexes that emit this toxic element into the air and water.

Environmentalists joins global call in Uruguay for mercury ban

A local health group has joined other international organizations in calling for the ban on mercury in products to end the trade in the toxic element–considered harmful to humans and the environment. Ban Toxics!, a Quezon City-based non-government organization (NGO), joined several other groups at the 4th International Negotiating Committee (4th INC) organized by the…