Uruguay saves energy for the future

“It literally changed my life,” said Pablo Rodriguez, a rural worker who, for the first ever time, has 24 hour access to electricity in his home thanks to a photovoltaic (solar energy) panel, which he is paying for in 60 monthly installments of $150 pesos (around US$7).


Chile’s Mining Industry Turns to Sunlight to Ease Energy Shortage

The mining industry in the north of Chile, the world’s leading producer of copper, is trying to partially satisfy its insatiable appetite for energy with a renewable, ever-available source: the sun. If solar panels were installed on an area of 400 square kilometres, the energy could cover all of the country’s needs.

The Andes could be solar energy hotspots

So far, hot and sunny regions have been hailed as the best for large-scale solar energy production, but the highest mountains in the Andes in South America, is an best place, With areas have a lot of sunshine and low temperatures help improve solar panel performance.